We’re excited to announce that our own Sam Bashford is being promoted to Chief Operating Officer starting today and moving forward.

Sam comes from an extensive background within the Esports scene, specifically Call of Duty. He currently runs a successful podcast called, “The Best of 3 CoD Esports Podcast” which covers the latest in the Call of Duty League. Since his initial hire, Sam has been incredibly driven, structured & productive; proving to be a natural leader capable of motivating our team to reach much broader goals.

Adam Nelson, CEO says, “Sam has been one of the most valuable additions to our team. He is a natural leader and brings so much positivity, creativity, and passion to our organization. I am excited for Sam to take a larger leadership role in this company.”

I am incredibly humbled to be a part of this organization. Every single member of Philly Esports is beyond talented and works harder than any team I know. It is an honor to be promoted to this role and I cannot wait to utilize our talents to their fullest potential.” Sam Bashford adds.

With this new year, we’re expecting even more great things, especially with Sam’s promotion. We’ll continue to provide our community with several pathways into the Esports world & explore new horizons.