[10/6/2021] Philly Esports is excited to announce our new look and rebrand. With a growing community and lots of learned experiences throughout these incredible years, we decided to move forward with a new image while championing the same cause – help esports & gaming passions and assist in fulfilling industry dreams.

CEO and Founder of Philly Esports, Adam Nelson says, “We have come a long way since we started back in 2018. I am excited to announce the company’s rebrand and updated graphics. As a company, we have grown and matured and it is time to represent that in our branding. I am beyond thrilled for the future of this company and for my team.”

Lily Yim, the Director of Marketing adds, “Being with Philly Esports for several months now truly made me appreciate the ever-changing nature of this industry. Esports and gaming are always expanding and we, too, are growing as a company. We’ve got some exciting events lined up over the next few months and with the re-brand, it’ll be an exciting new experience with the same message that our team holds dear. “

With the upcoming new year, we hope to bring new waves of exciting events that will shape the industry as a whole. With our dedicated staff and growing community, Philly Esports will continue to drive passionate individuals to become champions.