[Safety First]

Philly Esports will be partnering with Kidas for the Montgomery County Community College High School Super Smash Brothers Ultimate tournament this upcoming year.
We at Philly Esports value keeping our community a safe space for all competitive gamers to come together and compete. However, especially within recent years, there hasn’t been a dedicated way to moderate younger gamers.

Kidas provides a tool to help identify and address any dangerous situations that children may encounter while interacting with others in video games. From cyberbullying to predatory behavior, this affordable software will analyze the child’s activity 24/7 through voice communication as well as in-game text.

The tool also analyzes the child’s gaming activity and in-game communication to alert the parent of any potentially concerning situations and will provide weekly reports. In addition to threats detected, Kidas also shares an invaluable screen time report that includes hours spent gaming. Kidas’ software analyzes over 50 of the most popular games including Roblox, Minecraft, Fortnite, and Discord.

Ron Kerbs, CEO of Kidas says “Our mission is to help provide a safe online gaming environment for young gamers as they spend more time online interacting with digital avatars who could be anyone. Every gamer deserves the right to game in a safe space. Our team built the Kidas software to change the landscape of safety in the gaming community and offer parents peace of mind. We are proud to become partners with Philly Esports for this tournament and many other future events”.

Adam Nelson, CEO of Philly Esports adds, “Gaming is about having fun, being competitive and enjoying a passion with friends. No one should feel threatened or have a poor experience while gaming due to bullying or harassment. We are proud to partner with Kidas to help spread awareness to parents and to assist in keeping their children SAFE while playing games online.”
With this partnership and combined efforts, we can help establish a safer community for the next generation of upcoming gamers.


– Dates: March 26th, 2022
– Start Time: 12:00pm EST
– Where: Montgomery County Community College: Blue Bell Campus – 340 DeKalb Pike, Blue Bell, PA, 19422
– Cost To Enter: FREE
– Fundraiser: Raising money for the Live to Serve PA Non-Profit. Learn more about their mission HERE