[ Esports Education – 12/23/2021 ]

We at Philly Esports are pleased to announce the return of our after-school educational program for high school students with the help of LULAC & TAP Esports Center.

This program utilizes Esports as the main conductor for improving teamwork, communication and to inspire & introduce students to the many opportunities within the professional circuit. By exploring a variety of titles, students can expect to delve further into the Esports world with hands-on personalized teaching. 

The program started on the 1st of December and will run for 8 weeks on every recurring Wednesday at the TAP Esports Center located at 924 Cherry Street, Philadelphia, PA. The Center features a variety of gaming consoles available to the public, such as PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switches, and state-of-the-art gaming PC’s. 

Shane Weller, Center Director of LULAC says, “We’re incredibly happy that we’re able to give kids the opportunity to achieve their dreams within the gaming & esports world. Gaming as a job or career path was not seen as something that was realistic years ago, however, with our joint efforts, we have taken a kid’s dream and turned it into a reality. What we are doing is light years ahead of everyone.“ 

Andrew Chen, Co-Founder of TAP Esports Center adds, “TAP and Philly Esports are one of the front runners in Esports in Philadelphia and have coordinated in many Fortnite tournaments and Super Smash Brother Ultimate collaborations. We’re incredibly excited to work with LULAC to create a memorable experience for these students.” 

“We’re ecstatic to combine our efforts to continue offering educational opportunities for students to explore all facets of the Esports Industry. It’s amazing to help young gamers connect and develop skills within the field that are applicable to their daily lives.”, says Adam Nelson, CEO of Philly Esports.

With our combined efforts, Philly Esports, LULAC & TAP Esports Center will continue to provide a well-rounded educational program to students wishing to expand their Esports dreams.  By facilitating passions and supporting their drive & education, we hope to create a solid foundation for students to flourish in whatever path they choose to take.