[June 9, 2021] Many dream of working in a career that inspires them. However, unlike most traditional career choices whose paths are straight cut – esports is in its own niche. There are several avenues to take, and oftentimes many get discouraged as there’s not a bonafide way to secure a spot in the industry. Most of the coverage regarding esports is predominantly around the competitive gaming aspect centered around the players. While being a professional player is a viable option, many forget that other career options are available outside of the spotlight. 

Esports organizations like most, have several people who are essential to the industry. Perhaps your skills are not at a competitive level, however, you have high-end knowledge of competitive gaming and analytics. With this, you could enter marketing or be an analyst – the potential is limitless. Production value, graphics, video editing, social media management, etc all contribute, and without those crucial roles, there would be no organization. 

The main takeaway to understand is that esports is what you make of it. Don’t feel discouraged if you feel as though your talent doesn’t match that of other professionals in the industry. There is always a spot for someone who is passionate – it’s just a matter of making the right connections and understanding personal strengths while marketing them well. 

Here’s a list of helpful tips & resources: 

  • Create a comprehensive resume specifically for esports
  • Learn about your local esports scene (companies, events, locals, etc)
  • Offer help/volunteer for amatuer organizations or local esport scenes
  • Be active within the community/game you want to pursue
  • Develop your own brand and market your skills

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